How to Add Farmhouse Style to Your Kitchen

How to Add Farmhouse Style to Your Kitchen

February 28th, 2020

Cozy, warm and comfortable – that’s what “Farmhouse” style is all about. And fortunately, it’s a look that’s actually one of the easiest and least expensive to achieve, because one of the key elements is mixing old with new – thrift store, flea market and antique store finds are the perfect accent pieces, and these vintage items look great when mixed in with other styles. Vintage items, whether accents or furniture pieces, give your home a sense of history and character, and by adding certain elements here and there, your kitchen can be transformed into a cozy Farmhouse gathering place that no one will want to leave!

The kitchen is probably the one room that evokes Farmhouse style more than any other because it is the “heart” of the home. More time is spent here, since it is a natural gathering place for family and friends alike. If you have room for a table and chairs, or a counter with stools, all the better, but unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of a dine-in kitchen. If that is your situation, no worries, because even the smallest space can still achieve that Farmhouse look and feel cozy and welcoming. A new throw rug, a vintage-style advertising sign, open shelving, a coffee station, even a piece of painted furniture, all transform your kitchen into a comfy Farmhouse. Here are just a few charming ideas:

Vintage-Style Signs

Nothing says “Farmhouse” quite like a vintage-style advertising sign. Hang one above a door or window for instant Farmhouse charm. Miss Mustard Seed has a wonderful DIY tutorial for this wonderful Farmhouse sign:


Dairy sign

Photo courtesy Miss Mustard Seed


Add Natural Elements: Wood & Greenery

Add some natural, rustic elements to your Farmhouse kitchen with wood and greenery. Gather up your wooden spoons and place in a creamy white crock next to your stove. You can also stack wooden cutting boards and place them behind the crock for a rustic Farmhouse look. And don’t forget to add a plant or topiary for some color.


Crock with spoons

Photo courtesy of Storage Works



Open Shelving and Other Creative Storage Ideas

Place cookbooks on a cart or open shelf, and mix in some vintage ones, too (you can purchase inexpensive vintage cookbooks from thrift stores, Etsy, eBay, etc.) For more cookbook storage ideas with Farmhouse flair, check out these creative solutions from Beneath My Heart.



Photo courtesy of Storage Works



Style Shelves with White Dinnerware

Start collecting white dinnerware (major discount and box stores now carry all-white dinnerware), and display these on open shelves. The wonderful thing about white dinnerware is that you can mix & match styles – they all look wonderful together…remember: with Farmhouse, not everything has to match! Learn how to style your shelves with these creative ideas from French Garden House.


Photo courtesy of French Garden House

Create a Coffee Station

Coffee bar

Photo courtesy of Storage Works

Display a Flour-sack Dishtowel


Photo courtesy of Storage Works

Baked Goodies

Love to bake? Show off those yummy muffins and cupcakes under a cake stand with glass cloche (nothing says Farmhouse like freshly-baked goodies!) I love this DIY galvanized cake stand from Refresh Restyle made with thrift store items!



Photo courtesy of Refresh Restyle

Creative Storage

Not enough cupboards in your kitchen? If you have the room, add a vintage dresser painted in a shade of creamy white, gray, or for the really brave-at-heart, a soft shade of black, and you have instant storage for things like linens, plastic containers, even pots & pans. The uses are endless! Here is a fantastic tutorial from Cut Out and Keep:


Dresser in kitchen

Photo courtesy of Cut Out and Keep

Freshen Up!

A little paint goes a LONG way, so if you can, why not give your kitchen a minor face-lift with a wonderful neutral wall color? Creamy whites, soft grays – these Farmhouse colors will freshen up a kitchen fast, not to mention, make a small space seem larger.  Whether you are just adding a few Farmhouse touches to your kitchen, or going for a full remodel, this is one style that is super fun to get creative with. Enjoy, and see you down on the farm!

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