Get Creative With Your Outdoor Space by Re-purposing!

Get Creative With Your Outdoor Space by Re-purposing!

June 13th, 2017

Repurpose cover

These days, re-purposing is definitely the way to go. When we create something out of an unused or vintage item, there is a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that we cleverly made something out of nothing! With that in mind, here are five things that most people have lying around that can be re-purposed for your outdoor space. And remember, be creative – look around your garage or storage unit and think outside the box…or even use that box!

Old Bicycles Become Yard Art

Vintage bicycle with flowers

Not everyone owns a vintage bicycle, but even modern bikes, when painted all one color, like the one pictured here, look charming in the garden with a flower-filled basket attached. And the great thing about placing the bicycle outside is that the rustier it gets, the better!

Recycled Tin Cans Made Into Lanterns

Source: Greco Design Company

Do you have empty tin cans taking up valuable space in the garage? Put those cans to work and create magical lanterns for your backyard! All you need besides the can is a hammer, pliers, a nail, some sand, colorful spray paint, wire, and mini LED tea-light candles. And you won’t believe how easy they are to make with this tutorial courtesy of Greco Design Company!

diyshowoff-tire-planter-tutorial.jpg (1)


Old Tires as Planters

Probably most of us can remember a time when we enjoyed swinging on a tire, but that’s not the only way to re-purpose that old piece of rubber! What’s trending now are quirky garden planters made out of discarded tires. These tire planters can be as colorful as you want, and are oh-so-easy to make with this tutorial from!

Just paint, plant and hang on a wall or fence. The possibilities are endless!









Buckets Filled with Blooms

Bucket with flowers - annie-spratt-210740

Hosting a last-minute backyard party? Need instant blooms for your outdoor space? Pull out those empty buckets and cans from storage and just add fresh-cut flowers from your local grocery store. You can even add cuttings from trees and shrubs found in your own backyard for extra volume and that rustic look. Fill the buckets with a good dose of water, and these beauties should last quite a few days!

Use Ladders for the “Cottage” Look

Step ladder

Most of us have an old ladder taking up space in the garage, or perhaps even a storage unit, so why not put it to work in the garden? The more distressed and rustic looking, the better! Re-purposing a ladder to create garden vignettes with small potted plants is the perfect way to get that “cottage” look.

Enjoying Your Outdoor Space

Re-purposing ordinary items allows us to add our own personal touch to our homes, inside and out. And when it comes to outdoor spaces, the results are something that we can enjoy and share with family & friends all season long.

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